UniPartners Webtool

UX Design / Client project

In order to give a solution to a problem of our client, our team focused on developing a webtool based on already given URD, in which we could also come with our own ideas of improving the user experience.

My Responsibilities were the User Interface design in regards of the UniPartners brand, creating a flowchart, developing a prototype in Adobe Experience Design, as well as in HTML and CSS.

View the prototype here


UniPartners is a fast growing dispatching company which connects students and organizations by solving cases for companies with student consultants. Companies, Student consultants and the board of UniParnters are all stakeholders within the process of keeping track of time, progress and results.


UniPartners currently uses mainly google drive for keeping track of time, data and progress. But want to shift to an on webtool in order to do so.


Create a webtool with multiple tools such as a way to keep track of time, progress, an agenda and an hosting spot for documents for clients.


Based on the URD from the UniPartners board and developer, we were assigned to ideate how different tools would look like. We ideated on different elements and tools.

First sketches of different webtool attributes

First sketches were made in order to explore the interface and use of all the tools that could complete the URD. Different ideas were added next to the URD in consulation with the developer based on how the current Student Consultants are managing their data and time.

In order to make the UI, we looked into the branding and styleguide of UniPartners and the Material Design guide.

First sketches of different webtool attributes

We tried to combine different requirements of the URD into the same webtool elements, so the platform would have a clearer overview and would be more user friendly in terms of usage. E.g. the roadmap we created: a clear way to have an overview of the tasks of the student consultant, and in what time ratio to keep track of the progress (and if they are on schedule).

The screen designs were wireframed and prototyped with Experience Design. To communicate design elements better to the developer, another prototype was made with use of HTML and CSS.

Final Design