PX Design / University Project

In order for people to still fully experience the festival scene AND have nice pictures of the event, we created the concept Mico, a service which captures the event for you.

My contribution: Problem focus & Research, User testing, User research, Field study, Concept development, Design Thinking, Exploring Interactions, Concept Development


People on festivals either capture the whole experience or are neglecting capturing the experience by all, both with their own disadvantages of not having photos or having to step out of the experience of the festival.


Create a design that is able to sustain the whole festival experience without having to get out of the ‘moment’ and still captures the experience.


After looking into different moment and case scenarios of capturing an experience, our focus was set on designing something that still captures the experience of the festival, without you having to step out of it (e.g. by making a picture actively and trying to pose for such pictures). We explored different ideas and with academic research analysed and mapped how the users behaved in such moments and how we could solve for it, also with adding to the festival experience. In our user & Interaction research it turned out that people would expect a playful, engaging and surprising interaction in order to add the user experience.

Through design thinking and multiple iterations, together with ‘playing out’ different ideas, we came to a final concept which would focus on the capturing of events through pictures, without having to step out of the moment of the festival itself.

First sketches of different webtool attributes

We would make use of the balloon balls that are already getting used during festivals or events, and place a camera in it. Together with an RFID tag, that is getting more popular during festivals as bracelet, these balls would capture images every time they are hit or are high up in the air, sending pictures of nearby balloons to your RFID tag, so you have all pictures of you and your friends together on one profile.

First sketches of different webtool attributes

The ball itself can also be used as a photo camera through squeezing it or hitting it towards somebody, in order to make a picture. In this way we created a playful, engaging and surprising way of interacting with each other during a festival experience.