PX/UX Design / designaffairs

I was involved in an automotive project in which I focused mainly on research in terms of market research, academic research & user testing. Afterwards I took part in the concept development phase and using structural thinking as a tool to come to ideas. and creating concepts through structural thinking and exploration of interactions through sketching, lo-fi and cardboard prototyping to build mock-ups.


For my internship, our team needed to create for the automotive sector a new way of delivering value to the user through the shift by wire mechanism.

Conducting user tests and participating in one myself

We conducted user tests in different shift by wire models and did detailed research in possible safety issues within shift by wire systems.

First sketches of different webtool attributes

Furthermore, I analysed different interaction methods of shifting and created foam mock-ups of different possible shift mechanisms and their interactions.

First sketches of different webtool attributes

Next to the mock-ups, we created an experience station in order to test the ergonomics of the design and look into the interactions in detail.

First sketches of different webtool attributes